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It's Been Said... "A Good Listener Is A Silent Flatterer"

So, SANTAfm wants to thank you for your compliment.

Here you can find the various ways to listen to our broadcast stream live.  Due to popular demand, we have upgraded our streaming capabilities and are able to offer up to 50 simultaneous connections in 64kbps -44.1 khz mp3PRO audio.  The mp3PRO format allows you to hear 128kbps quality sound at a 64kbps speed. 

For more details... see our "help section." 

If you wish to listen to the stream in highest quality, be sure to have the JetAudio Player or WinAMP installed (if you go the WinAMP route, you must have the mp3PRO plugin).    Otherwise, the station will stream just fine via Windows Media Player, WinAmp or just about any other streaming media player... but not at optimal quality level (but it will still sound great)!

If you live in the Villages of Urbana, be sure to tune in to 88.7fm!

Windows Media:
If you want to listen and continue browsing using a separate, simple player window choose the SANTAfm Player.

SANTAfm Player:
provides a player window with Album Art,
   Artist, Title, Recently Played and Buy It Now Information.

or you can..

Choose FILE > OPEN URL > and type in...
WinAMP / JetAudio
If you use WinAMP or JetAudio as your media player for optimal mp3PRO sound.

WinAMP / Jet Audio Listen Link

If the stream doesn't start, .PLS files are not associated with any player... and you will need to do the following:

Choose FILE > OPEN URL > and type in http://live.SANTAfm.com:6012/listen.pls

If you use iTunes or Quicktime.

iTunes Listen Link


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Airs Sundays @ 7pm