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When Is My Favorite Stuff On?

In order to facilitate your listening experience... we present you with the following schedule.

Great Music - Pretty much all the time.  If there's a song that you need to hear right now, hit the playlist/requests page. 

80's Meltdown - Sundays at 7pm
two hour 80's show produced in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, hosted by Ray Gauthier and Adrian Scott.  It's an irresistible combination of 80's music, trivia and pop culture. 

Digital Urbana Weather - :45 after each hour
Pirate Weather provides SANTAfm with the local weather forecast in all it's digitally synthesized, computer generated splendor.

USA Radio Network News - 6, 7, 8 and 9am Weekday Mornings
After a long nights rest, get current with what's going on in the world with a brief 5 minute newscast courtesy of the USA Radio Network.






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Airs Sundays @ 7pm